Presenting: Barbora Müllerova

Barbora Müllerova is the curator of the wonderful LUSTR illustration festival in Prague, our partner and co-organizer. She teaches illustration at the Scholastika college in Prague, and she likes zines and wilderness, both in nature and in drawing. We asked her some questions about her work and her workshop at the Remix Comix conference.

Tell us something about your recent artworks, things that you are working on

Lately, I was lucky to get part of a few projects that really felt important to me. I was creating a short animation for a documentary telling story of a lady who worked in Czech movies but suffered a lot because her husband was a priest during the communist era. I am also finishing illustrations for a book of essays on social justice of climate change solutions and starting designing a picture book for traumatized children who need to learn how to cope with aggression. I am grateful to work on projects that I really believe in.

What can we expect from your workshop at Remix Comix, and what is deep mapping?

Deep mapping is a sum of methods for examining and experiencing the space in much deeper sense than classical mapping is able to provide. And I think it’s pretty useful for artists. We learn a bit about the methods, but most of all, we will go out to learn throughout practices opening our senses. The workshop is aimed to propose new inputs to anyone who is planning or creating art for public space – to start to think a bit more deeper about the environment and it’s inhabitants, both human and non-human.

Which comics book or any other graphic art work has been inspiring you recently, and why? 

During last few months, I have read really numerous comic works, and most of all I was hit by a graphic novel Stone Fruit by Lee Lai. The story has so many levels, I was already reading it twice and have to think about it again and again. And it’s just beautifully drawn. What I really appreciate on this comic is that it’s speaking about really important social topics such as homophobia, gender transition, single mothering… But you have to read pretty carefully, it’s not exposed for the very first sight. First and foremost it’s just a story about love, partnership and loneliness.

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