Introducing: Darija Dragojlović

Led Art participant in Remix Comix residency entitled “Boom! Crash! Ooh! Hello!”, hosted by ZID Theater, from May 1th  to 15th in Amsterdam.

When asked to elaborate on her work Darija Dragojlović said “During my artistic practice, the main focus has been the representation of changes, and new mechanisms that are created based on these processes. Observing the natural changes that, due to the influence of artificial processes, often take uncertain directions, I asked myself how I feel and what is the collective consciousness.

I was guided by the desire not to see my presentations as individual works that were gathered into a whole, but rather that the exhibition has the function of scenography that represents an uncertain, claustrophobic, melancholic atmosphere. In this way, the works serve as a reconstruction of the current situation, with segments that remain as samples or visual elements for a call to reflection, what they could have been, and what they will represent in the future.”

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