Introducing: Danilo Milovanović

Stripburger participant in Remix Comix residency entitled “Boom! Crash! Ooh! Hello!”, hosted by ZID Theater, from May 1th  to 15th in Amsterdam.

Danilo Milovanović is a visual artist that devotes himself to thinking about public space and the relationships between its users. In conceptual and street projects, he uses a wide variety of creative principles, from public actions and interventions.

His artistic practice is anchored in the urban space, from where he draws his inspiration and places his works; through his work he analyses and questions that open up important social issues related primarily to how we live as a community and what a community is.

The interventions, often barely noticeable at first glance, create cracks and disturbances in the established facade of urban life and exploit the conflicting relationships between nature and culture as well as between the conflicting interests that fight for supremacy in the cities. The artist uses guerilla tactics and a do-it-yourself approach – he certainly belongs to the creators who often cross the line between art and activism, but he is one of the few who consistently nurtures poetic substance and a peculiar subtlety in his work.

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