Introducing: Nivin Baranbo

ZID Theater participant in Remix Comix residency entitled “Boom! Crash! Ooh! Hello!”, hosted by ZID Theater, from May 1th  to 15th in Amsterdam.

Nivin has lived in the Netherlands for six years. She is an actress, journalist and dancer.. Until 2016, she was responsible as producer, journalist and presenter of Damascus’ national Arabesque Radio Station. She also studied oriental dance and worked in TV as an actress and model. After arriving in the Netherlands, she picked up her long-cherished dream of performing in theatre and took part in ZID Theatre’s two-year project FATE (Future Academy on Tour in Europe) and a show NO FEAR which was completed in December 2022.

She performed in the show One city, many faces at the OBA; has a lead role in the film Step by Step by Break Free Films. Recently she completed filming of the international Syrian political serial Smile Mr. General, which will soon be available on Netflix.

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