Artist in Residency hosted by ZID Theater finished in Amsterdam

ZID theater hosted an artist in residency program in Amsterdam from May 1th to 15th, as part of the project Remix Comix – Comics for Heritage.

ZID Theater used their own game, called ‘Story catcher’, to exchange with locals of migrant background, from different ages and groups, asking them what their wishes are for the city. Their stories, fantasies or proposals were the starting point for the work that was made with and by artists in residency.

During the residency period, artists Danilo Milovanović (Slovenia), Darija Dragojlović (Serbia, Novi Sad), Iva Atoski (Serbia, Pančevo) Miroslava Konečna (Czech Republic), Nivin Baranbo (NL/Syria) actively engaged with the local migrant community through a range of activities, including workshops, rehearsals and meetings, public exhibitions and events, and participation in the annual festival ExploreZ.

The artists created new visual works and contemporary comics-based costumes, which were shown on outside locations and came to life by a physical performance (including bikes) created with ZID Theater performers in interaction with the visual works. The visual works included a mural, flags on bikes that were used as scenography and the costumes of the performers. The photo exhibition remained available at ZID’s location during the entire festival.

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