Artists in residence

Artists in residence

May the children on the street play with your eyes!
Mek ćhelen pes e ĉhavorra po sokako ćire jakhenca!

In order to contextualize our way of seeing or even refusing to see, title is using a Roma curse which emphasize loose of sight, as a motive of the other defining our perception, the other that needs to be stripped of power.

Casting a spell dino jakhalo, jakhaldino (literal translation taken by the eyes) for us opens a space for transforming image politics. This cooperation creates a temporary collective, a loosely organized group, which through exchange of different models of work, aims to keep an eye on the history and social cartography of the Romani people, both personal and collective, both tangible and intangible, which all too often is silenced. By deconstructing the narrative structure used in comics, usually presented to the viewer by means of a series of “demonstrative languages” and a multitude of graphic and expressive means, and re arranging this structure into a stage created by using leftovers and scrap material which are given the role of a comic grid. By giving different objects a chance to be agents for conveying stories of contradictions and inequalities, social and political exclusion our aim is to ask who defines the narrative, and who is entitled to tell a certain story. And above all, to together, take our gaze away from all the eyes that create stereotypes and cultural representations.

Like in a Roma song used in learning numbers “What is one? One is you. What is two? Your two eyes see well.”

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