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  • Introducing: Yasco Horsman and Mathijs Peters

    Introducing: Yasco Horsman and Mathijs Peters

    During the first seminar on Saturday, Yasco Horsman and Mathijs Peters will invite the audience to think and rethink collective traumas of Europe and the ways in which graphic novels and comics work through these traumas. We asked them about their love for comics, inspirations, and the seminar they have prepared for the Remix Comix…

  • Introducing: Akinori Oishi

    Introducing: Akinori Oishi

    ‘I want to create more space for imagination’ Akinori Oishi multimedia artist and ‘drawaholic’ from Osaka, Japan. He has been drawing on windows in Novi Sad in April as part of the Japan-EU-fest in Novi Sad. Now he’s back to draw windows across the city, as many as possible, so you may have seen him…

  • Introducing: Blaž Vurnik

    Introducing: Blaž Vurnik

    “Heritage has become for everyone, not just the elite” During the Remix Comix conference, one of our speakers will be Dr. Blaz Vurnik from Ljubljana. For Blaz, Comics and Heritage are interrelated in his daily work as a museum curator for contemporary history and a comics script writer. We are eager to hear his thoughts…

  • Introducing: Roel Daenen

    Introducing: Roel Daenen

    Interview Your presentation is featured during the day dedicated to contemporary art in comics. So, since in many European countries comics are treated (or was treated for a long time) as “low-level” art or non-art drawings, or easy literature, what was the key point for Belgium comic scene to be acknowleged as legit art form?…

  • Introducing: Barbara Margarethe Eggert

    Introducing: Barbara Margarethe Eggert

    Barbara Margarethe Eggert is one of the speakers at the conference. She has been affiliated at NEXTCOMIC, Austria’s biggest annual comics festival. Barbara studied German Language, History of Art, and Museum Studies in Hamburg and Berlin. Her main research are media that combine text and images, and the future of museums. She’s also a webcomic-author,…

  • Presenting: Barbora Müllerova

    Presenting: Barbora Müllerova

    Barbora Müllerova is the curator of the wonderful LUSTR illustration festival in Prague, our partner and co-organizer. She teaches illustration at the Scholastika college in Prague, and she likes zines and wilderness, both in nature and in drawing. We asked her some questions about her work and her workshop at the Remix Comix conference. Tell…

  • Introducing Canan Marasligil

    Introducing Canan Marasligil

    Interview with Canan Marasligil Canan Marasligil is an intersectionalist poet and writer, comics-lover, performer, podcaster and cultural programs coordinator, based in Amsterdam. She is fluent in Turkish, French, English, Spanish and Dutch and uses this multi-lingual approach in her work, trying to make audiences aware of subtle changing meanings and translations, across borders and societies.…

  • Presenting: Eva Hilhorst

    Presenting: Eva Hilhorst

    Today we’re happy to present Eva Hilhorst as one of the speakers of the Remix Comix conference. Eva is the editor in chief of Drawing the Times, an internet platform where committed graphic journalists and cartoonists worldwide publish work that informs, entertains, engages and challenges readers on global issues and local stories. Since Remix Comix…

  • Short introduction to the work of Ulli Lust

    Short introduction to the work of Ulli Lust

    The Remix Comix keynote speaker on Friday will be Ulli Lust, an Austrian comics author living and working in Berlin. In her lecture, she will talk about graphic journalism and documentary storytelling, and share some of your ideas and techniques. To most European comics readers, Ulli Lust is no stranger. Her work has been awarded…

  • Remix Comix Conference Programme

    Remix Comix Conference Programme

    Remix Comix Conference programme is here! Please download English or Serbian version of the programme or view it on THIS PAGE.

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